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Our products include specifically developed solvers tested on marine applications, ranging from current generation methods based on Navier-Stokes approaches to innovative tools based on particle methods, including resistance and seakeeping potential flow solvers.

Extremely fast potential flowsolver capable of computing wave resistance and the wave field of a ship.
REVA is dedicated to applications where the need for a quick answer predominates the necessity for accuracy of results.
Access to the full description and validation test cases ... AQUA +
Diffraction / radiation solver for seakeeping computations of forces and motions induced by waves on single or multi-bodies.Access to the full description and validation test cases ...

The extremely fast and accurate Navier-Stokes with free surface solver, dedicated to the calculation of ship resistance and powering, ship added resistance in waves, seakeeping and maneuverability ...
Developed by ECN and HydrOcean, with core funding from the Ministry of Defense, ICARE has been successfully validated and used on more than one hundred industrial projects.

Access to the full description and validation test cases ...

Navier-Stokes with VOF free surface solver, VOF-flow is robust and adapted to complex geometric simulations. VOF-flow is currently developed by ECN and HydrOcean, and has unique and specific marine functionalities, identical to those of ICARE while extending its scope of application further.

Access to the full description and validation test cases ...

Very innovative solver based on particles discretization, with Lagranien, compressible and explicit resolution. SPH-flow is dedicated to the simulation of flows with very high dynamics (impact, sloshing, slamming ...), flows over complex geometries and topologies (flooding ...), flows around moving or deformable bodies, or the simulation of coupled fluid / structure problems. SPH-flow has been developed by ECN and HydrOcean under a consortium, with funding from major industrial partners.Access to the full description and validation test cases ...

Our originality and vision :

  • We dispose of a wide range of numerical tools validated on many test cases in order to respond accurately and quickly to the issues confronting you.

  • We aim to develop specific numerical solvers for marine applications with our R & D team, in partnership with an internationally renowned laboratory, the Laboratoire de Mécanique des Fluides (Mechanical Fluids Laboratory) - Ecole Centrale Nantes / CNRS.

  • We use and develop these numerical tools with engineers and PhD graduates in fluid dynamics simulation applying their highly specific knowledge of the marine fields and the viability of situations.

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